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        The PEI School Milk Program was established to increase milk consumption within the school system and to enhance student's knowledge of the need for proper nutrition.

        Recognizing the life-long benefits of proper nutrition and the important role that milk plays in supplying required nutrients, the PEI School Milk Foundation's goal is to
        • ensure that milk is provided to students from Kindergarten to grade 12
        • provide white milk at the lowest possible price
        • provide nutrition education

        Students learn better and are more alert when they are well-fed with a balance of foods. With 15 essential nutrients, milk at lunch helps provide the energy and nutrition children need to grow and perform their best physically and mentally.

        By increasing consumption and awareness, it is felt that children will develop life-long positive attitudes and habits towards proper nutrition, including the long-term habit of drinking milk.

        The PEI School Milk Foundation is a non-profit organization, and is a partnership of Dairy Farmers, Dairy Producers of PEI and the Department of Education and Lifelong Learning.
        • Started in 1980 for Grades 1-6 only
        • Junior High included in 1981
        • Senior High added in 1984
        • Kindergartens included in 2001

        Drinking milk at school is an easy and convenient way for kids to meet their recommended servings of Milk and Alternatives every day.
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        The PEI School Foundation is a non-profit organization, and is a partnership of: